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Daddy Owen responds after 1st Daughter Charlene Ruto sent prayer request for a hubby

The speculations arose after Charlene sought televangelist Benny Hinn’s prayers to discover a husband, sparking a wave of curiosity amongst Kenyans.

Chatting with native media shops, the ‘System ya Kapungala‘ acknowledged the general public’s curiosity in his private life.

With over 20 years within the music trade, he understands the scrutiny that comes with being a public determine.

He emphasised that everyone seems to be entitled to their opinions, and criticism is a part of being within the highlight.

“We reside in a world the place everyone seems to be entitled to their very own opinions. Typically it is exhausting to criticise them since you’re a public determine,” he stated.

Daddy Owen clarified that his affiliation with Charlene extends to skilled collaborations, just like his work with quite a few different people.

He emphasised that his interactions with Charlene and others are a part of his philanthropic endeavors and shouldn’t be misconstrued as private relationships.

“I’ve labored with Charlene on so many initiatives. And it isn’t simply her alone. I work with so many different individuals,” he stated.

He expressed discomfort with being the only focus of such questions, highlighting the necessity for Charlene to be included in discussions regarding their alleged relationship.

“On the finish of the day, I really feel like will probably be unfair to ask me such a query about somebody who will not be right here,” he stated.

Concerning Charlene’s prayer request for a husband, Daddy Owen asserted that he had no involvement in it.

He emphasised the randomness of prayers and the shortcoming to affect their outcomes. He distanced himself from any perceived connection to Charlene’s prayer, reiterating his stance on the matter.

Responding to questions on a earlier assertion relating to a possible relationship, Daddy Owen maintained his sharpshooter mentality.

He indicated that he hardly ever entertains ideas of relationships resulting from his give attention to different features of life. Emphasising his confidence, he reiterated his perception in by no means lacking his mark, besides by deliberate alternative.

“I am a sharpshooter, I by no means miss. And if I miss it’s by design,” he stated.

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