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Stevo Simple Boy’s Wife Denies Siring Baby With Another Man, Claims Stevo Left Him In Hospital With Pending Bill

Musician Stevo Easy Boy’s spouse Atieno is now in denial after she was accused of siring a child with one other man regardless of being in a relationship with him.

Stevo claimed that he was informed in regards to the child not being his.

“Aliniambia, mtoto sio wako ni wa mwanaume mwengine (They informed me her baby was fathered by one other man),” he mentioned. Stivo claimed Atieno obtained mad and packed and left his home lately after she allegedly requested her child daddy for a reputation to offer their child. “Nilishangaa nimeishi na yeye mbona hakuniambia nipee mtoto jina. Hapo ndio mambo ikaenda mrama (I used to be shocked that I lived along with her and she or he didn’t inform me to offer the newborn a reputation. That’s when issues went flawed),”

The mom of 1 refuted Stivo’s accusations, claiming that he’s the one who really left her in hospital with a pending invoice.

“He took me to hospital and solely paid half of the invoice. Aliniambia hana pesa (he informed me he didn’t have cash) and my household settled the remaining. He by no means referred to as again to understand how the newborn and I have been fairing on,” she mentioned.

She continued to say that Stevo doesn’t learn about her repairs

“Since nifanyiwe CS Pumwani on January 27, hawajawahi jua vile nakaa na kula. Hajawahi tumanisha jina ya mtoto (Since I underwent a Caesarean Part at Pumwani on January 27, he doesn’t understand how I reside and eat. He has by no means given me a reputation for the newborn),” she mentioned.

Atieno additionally mentioned she was able to do a DNA take a look at to show that the kid is Stevo’s.

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