Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ssaru Not Interested In Marriage Despite Setting Bride Price At 1 Billion

Famend gengetone artist Ssaru wa Manyaru has given a brand new twist on marriage. The singer, who previosly declared her dowry at 1 billion, maintains at it.

“Let me let you know, I wish to inform my present bae, however in fact, I don’t wish to get married proper now. I wish to wait a few years. However yearly, the quantity will increase; it’s like a billion shillings, identical to that.”

The Kayole-born rapper drew a comparability to the monetary funding made by fellow artist Khaligraph Jones in his dwelling, claiming:

“Should you can spend that a lot on a home, sasa kulipia msee kama mimi billioni pia ni tatizo” (now paying for somebody like me a billion can be a problem).

Asserting her self-worth, Ssaru confidently maintained that the dowry would keep at that regardless that some persons are complaining about it.

”Acha nikuambie. Watu wenye wana complain sio wenye nilikua na deal with. I’m about billionaires,” Ssaru mentioned.

However the musician went on to say that she’s not concerned with suitors, or quite, marriage itself.

”However hayo mambo ya mahari tuachane nayo. Nime change thoughts. Sitaki tena ndoa. ”

The singer has been being profitable strikes for the previous yr; and her music is doing tremendously properly. Do you assume she’ll change her thoughts and get married in a while?

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