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MSCK boss Ezekiel Mutua demands removal of ‘Yesu Ninyandue’ song over blasphemy concerns

The controversial observe has drawn criticism for its perceived disrespect in direction of Christianity, prompting sturdy reactions from spiritual leaders and anxious residents.

Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright of Kenya (MSCK), expressed his outrage over the blasphemous content material of the music.

In an announcement shared on social media on February 15, Mutua demanded the speedy elimination of the music from all digital media platforms, describing it as ‘insanity’ and calling for a dialogue with content material creators.

“My consideration has been dropped at the overtly blasphemous music by considered one of our native artists. That sort of content material needs to be pulled down from all digital media platforms with speedy impact,” he wrote.

In his detailed submit, Dr. Mutua raised considerations in regards to the erosion of cultural morals and the normalization of immorality for the sake of views and recognition.

He emphasised the necessity for a candid dialog in any respect ranges of society, together with households, communities, and the nation as an entire, to handle the underlying points contributing to the proliferation of offensive content material.

“However greater than banning such insanity, I feel we’d like a dialog with our content material creators. It have to be a candid dialog in any respect ranges and sectors of society together with the household, the group, and the nation at giant. We can’t enable this insanity to develop into the norm,” he wrote.

Mutua lamented the normalization of immoral, weird, and obscene content material in Kenyan media and social platforms.

He highlighted the troubling development the place sensationalism and shock worth are prioritized over moral requirements, resulting in the glorification of evil and the degradation of fine values.

“You see we’ve normalized immoral, weird, and obscene content material and habits to the extent that for one to get views on social media the simple factor is to do loopy stuff. They are saying when a canine bites a person it isn’t information.

“Information is when a person bites a canine. That lifestyle is validated by the tradition of something goes. It is given impetus by the damaged worth system the place evil is glorified and good is mocked and degraded.” he wrote.

The MSCK CEO criticized the damaged worth system that permits for the manufacturing and distribution of outrageous content material with out regard for its affect on society.

“We’re a sick society scary the wrath of God. We now have allowed indiscipline and blasphemy on our media within the identify of freedom of expression.” Ezekiel wrote.

He identified the societal illness mirrored within the willingness of people to create and devour content material that promotes blasphemy and indiscipline.

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