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Manhunt launched for driver busted ferrying 31 students in 14-seater matatu in Meru

The car in query was flagged down for routine checks as a part of the continued security enforcement on the roads on Saturday, March 30.

The officers confirmed that the car was full of passengers greater than double its capability with the whole rely coming to 31 all of whom have been college students.

NTSA revealed that the driving force opted to flee from the scene earlier than he may very well be taken in to be held accountable for his actions.

The scholars have been [placed in other vehicles for the rest of their journey with the vehicle towed to a nearby police station.

A 14-seater PSV was found carrying 31 students from Tharaka Nithi County. The driver managed to escape and efforts are underway to apprehend him. Alternative transport arrangements were made for the learners.

“The vehicle has been towed to the police station for further action,” read the statement released by NTSA on Saturday.

The body noted that a manhunt has been launched for the driver in question, with NTSA collaborating with the police.

The authority further cautioned drivers and other road users against flouting traffic rules with schools also put on notice to be careful when organizing transport for students.

“Drivers and school management entrusted with the safety of our children must understand their responsibility,” NTSA added.

Increase in road accidents

The incident comes at a time when a number of fatal road accidents have been reported in the country.

Among the recent accidents is that in which 11 students from Kenyatta University lost their lives with several others injured.

A survivor who was in the University bus involved in the crash explained that the bus driver attempted to overtake another vehicle but did so incorrectly, veering into the wrong lane.

He emphasized that the bus was in good condition before the journey commenced.

Another survivor added that those seated at the back of the bus bore the brunt of the impact, with some students being thrown because they were not wearing seat belts, resulting in various injuries.

Many of those thrown from the bus lost consciousness and only regained awareness upon receiving treatment at hospitals.

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