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Magix Enga: Bensoul is deceiving the kids, and I’m fighting a marijuana addiction

Picture: Magix Enga

Music producer Magix Enga has strongly criticized Bensoul for his current advocacy of marijuana use and requires its legalization in Kenya.

Enga, who has confronted private struggles with drug dependancy and despair, condemns Bensoul’s statements on weed, citing his personal experiences as proof of its detrimental results.

Talking from his perspective, Enga reveals his previous heavy marijuana use throughout his time at Magix Empire studio, explaining that as a substitute of enhancing productiveness as he initially believed, weed had the other impact.

“I used to smoke a variety of weed to assist me settle down and focus whereas making music, nevertheless it solely led to feeling continuously drowsy and unproductive,” Enga explains. “Weed abuse turns you right into a zombie; it doesn’t sharpen your focus as some declare. It’s not useful in any respect.”

Enga additionally challenges the notion of sure American celebrities, like rapper Wiz Khalifa, who brazenly endorse weed, suggesting that their public persona could not precisely replicate their precise habits.

“Somebody like Wiz Khalifa could not really eat as a lot weed as he portrays. If he did, he wouldn’t preserve his stage of focus and success,” Enga argues. “It’s seemingly only a facade for showbiz, and it might be misguided to emulate him.”

In distinction, Bensoul has continued to advocate for the medicinal use of weed and its legalization, attributing its prohibition to political motives and racial oppression.

“Making weed unlawful was a political transfer to oppress black individuals. Many nations have acknowledged its worth and legalized it. We’ve missed out on financial alternatives,” Bensoul asserts, dismissing claims of weed-induced madness and emphasizing its comparatively benign nature in comparison with different medication when used responsibly.

The stark disagreement between Enga and Bensoul underscores the continued debate surrounding marijuana use and legalization, with Enga cautioning in opposition to its glorification and Bensoul advocating for its acceptance and regulation.

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