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List of 12 animals that eat their babies & mates

Some species have interaction in seemingly stunning behaviors reminiscent of consuming their very own younger or mates—a phenomenon referred to as cannibalism.

This technique could be pushed by varied components together with stress, lack of meals, or the intuition to remove competitors.

Listed here are 12 animals the place cannibalism is a stunning but integral a part of their existence.

Recognized for his or her deadly chew, feminine black widows have a infamous popularity for devouring their mates after copulation.

This excessive act is considered a dietary step that helps egg manufacturing, highlighting a brutal type of survival.

Much like their cousins, the black widows, feminine redback spiders usually eat their mates after mating.

This act is believed to be a tactic to make sure that the vitamins from the male can immediately profit the following technology.

It could be unsettling to listen to, however cats, particularly feral ones, can generally eat their younger if they’re stillborn or move away shortly after delivery.

This behaviour could possibly be pushed by the intuition to maintain a clear and undisrupted nest space.

Mom rats might eat their younger if they’re malformed or if she perceives them as unlikely to outlive.

This additionally happens if the mom rat is below excessive stress or if her nest is frequently disturbed.

The praying mantis is one other species the place females usually eat their mates throughout or after mating.

This behaviour might present important vitamins that may assist in the profitable manufacturing and growth of eggs.

Sand Tiger Shark embryos eat their fellow womb-mates. Solely the strongest survive, guaranteeing that the rising pup is the fittest of its litter.

Surprisingly, feminine hamsters might eat their very own younger. This could happen if the mom hamster feels careworn, threatened, or if she senses that her offspring are unwell or not viable.

Within the wild, male lions taking on a pleasure will usually kill and generally eat the cubs sired by different males.

This ugly act is a pure technique to carry the feminine lions again into estrus faster, permitting the brand new male to move on his genes.

Chickens might peck at and may even cannibalize each other, usually triggered by stress or overcrowding.

This disturbing behaviour is why many farmers use strategies to stop pecking and cannibalism in coops.

Excessive environmental situations and shortage of meals can lead polar bears to cannibalism.

Male polar bears are sometimes seen consuming cubs in periods when their traditional seal weight loss program is scarce.

Beneath intense stress or extreme situations, mom rabbits would possibly eat their younger. This behaviour could possibly be a grim effort to deal with the cruel realities of their surroundings.

These beetles are recognized for his or her distinctive breeding technique the place they bury carcasses to feed their younger.

Nevertheless, if meals is just too scarce, they’ll cannibalize their very own larvae.

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