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Kenya Power Prepaid Meters Require Urgent Software Upgrade

kplc prepaid meters

The Kenya Power pay as you go meters are working on a software program that’s set to be rendered out of date by November 24th this 12 months. When this occurs, Kenya Energy clients won’t be able to feed tokens into the meter. Basically, clients could discover themselves with out electrical energy entry.

Kenya energy has set the interval between now and November as a time to earnestly carry out software program upgrades to meters countrywide.

To make sure functioning of all of the meters after this date, it’s essential to carry out token identifier (TID) rollover by resetting the TID reminiscence from zero. This shall be executed by means of using a key change token (KCT) which is a set of two 20-digit numbers that’s enter right into a meter when the meter’s performance must be reconfigured or modified,” Mr Marete, Kenya Energy Supervisor for Coast area mentioned.

Kenyans are urged to be on the look out for the utility companies’ workers who may have identification badges to ease verification. The corporate has additionally promised to work with native authorities and safety personnel to curb the chance of impersonation throughout the train.

Notably, there’s a deadline to make use of your tokens! Any tokens you purchase that aren’t utilized by deadline date shall be nugatory.

As soon as the rollover is full the pay as you go meter won’t settle for outdated tokens. It’s subsequently very important to hold out the rollover easily to keep away from disruptions as a result of when it’s executed, meters will reject tokens from authorised distributors,” Mr Marete mentioned.

Mr Marete mentioned the entire course of shall be free and Kenya Energy will solely ship clients a code to be keyed into their meters.

Kenya Energy isn’t alone in going through meter software program issues. About 70 million customary switch specification (STS) pay as you go meters in over 40 international locations, utilized by greater than 500 utilities, are impacted.

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