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Jaymo Ule Msee admits wife friend-zoned him as she explored other relationships

Their journey to like wasn’t an easy one, as Jaymo needed to navigate via obstacles and train endurance earlier than profitable Fortune’s coronary heart.

Jaymo’s strategy was marked by endurance; he wasn’t in a rush to kindle a romance. As an alternative, he selected to put a basis of friendship.

Fortune revealed the perseverance Jaymo exhibited earlier than she lastly gave him an opportunity. Jaymo stood by her facet via two earlier relationships, proving his loyalty and dedication as a friend before their romantic journey began.

“I had two different relationships earlier than he got here, he noticed me via two relationships, we had been simply good mates, it was not one thing computerized,” mentioned Fortune.

When requested about her change of coronary heart in direction of Jaymo, Fortune expressed her perception in future, stating that nothing can thwart what is supposed to be.

On the coronary heart of Jaymo and Fortune’s relationship are the values they cherish deeply. Their mutual respect is rooted in non secular connection, purity of coronary heart, and familial bonds.

Jaymo emphasises the significance of those values, stating, “Lazima ujue kama mtu ako na uhusiano na Mungu, lazima ujue kama mtu ni roho safi, lazima ujue kama mtu ako na uhusiano gani na familia yake.”

Apart from content material, Jaymo has been on radio with a protracted stint at Homeboyz Radio and is now at Hint FM.

Fortune however has specialised in digital content material creation and options in movies together with her husband.

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