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Comedian Flaqo Raz explains reasons for delaying parenthood with girlfriend Keranta

In a candid interview with a neighborhood information outlet, Flaqo shared insights into their relationship and make clear his well being struggles.

Flaqo emphasised the significance of correct planning earlier than embarking on the journey of parenthood.

In keeping with him, having a toddler requires cautious consideration and readiness, which he and Keranta are presently centered on.

He clarified that there isn’t any being pregnant on the horizon and emphasised the need of being well-prepared for such a big life change.

“There isn’t a being pregnant and never anytime quickly. For that one lazima umekuwa umejipanga vizuri,” he stated.

When requested about the potential for marriage shortly, Flaqo revealed that it isn’t a precedence for him in the mean time.

He defined that his thoughts is just not presently set on marriage, and even when it had been, he prefers to maintain such private issues personal.

“Probably not in the mean time. Bado akili yangu haiko kwa that area. And even when it was there, I might by no means inform anyone,” he stated.

Flaqo expressed his frustration concerning persistent rumors about his girlfriend’s being pregnant.

These rumors initially surfaced in 2023, with some people speculating that the couple was concealing a being pregnant.

Regardless of Flaqo’s efforts to dispel the rumours on social media, he continues to obtain congratulatory messages frequently. He emphasised the toll that these ongoing rumours have taken on him and his companion.

“Been over one and a half years and bado napata congratulatory messages every single day from individuals who know me personally, strangers, and even some relations,” he warned.

Along with addressing relationship and household issues, Flaqo additionally mentioned his well being challenges.

He revealed that he has been battling H Pylori, a bacterial an infection affecting the abdomen lining.

Alongside malaria and a backbone problem attributable to weightlifting, Flaqo endured a difficult interval of hospitalization lasting two months.

“I thank God for nice well being. I used to be battling Malaria and H Pylori. I additionally had a backbone problem that had been caused by weightlifting. It took a toll on me as I used to be not doing something for the 2 months,” he stated.

Regardless of the setbacks, he expressed gratitude for his bettering well being and resilience in overcoming these obstacles.

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