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Ciru Muriuki discusses her romantic relationship with her late fiancé, Charles Ouda

Ciru Muriuki, the fiancée of the late actor Charles ‘Charli’ Ouda, shared heartfelt reflections on their cherished moments throughout a memorial vigil on the Baraza Media Lab on February 14. Addressing the sombre gathering, Ciru started her speech by acknowledging Charli’s spirit and expressing her intention to honor him by means of her phrases.

She painted a vivid image of their routine evenings, crammed with selfmade sandwiches, cocktails, and the shared responsible pleasure of watching The Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ciru fondly recounted their moments collectively, hoping to make Charli proud.

Standing earlier than the viewers, Ciru described Charli as a real artist who appreciated each type of artwork. She spoke passionately about his affect, highlighting his visionary way of living, childlike marvel, and dedication to fostering a tradition of studying and exploration.

Reflecting on their love story that started over 20 years in the past at St Mary’s College, Ciru expressed shock on the sudden flip of occasions that led to Charli proposing to her. Their friendship, cast after Charli’s return from New York, blossomed right into a deep and plain love.

With tears in her eyes, Ciru recounted the evening of Charli’s proposal, expressing gratitude for the distinctive and profound love he confirmed her. She thanked him for his kindness, describing him because the epitome of a real gentleman.

In a heartfelt farewell, Ciru pledged to cherish the reminiscences till they had been reunited, expressing the privilege of getting cherished and been cherished by Charli. With trembling phrases and tear-stained cheeks, she concluded her tribute, vowing to overlook him till they meet once more.

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